National Direction’s Statement February 2007

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national direction's statementi february 2007

On 12th February at dawn, the repressive forces attacked several comrades and organizations of the Communist movement of our country. The repressive operation has been carried out in Padua, Milan, Trieste, Turin.

According to the first press news, 15 comrades of Paduan Social Center Gramigna, of Milanese Social Center La Fucina, of Paduan Proletarian Committees for Communism are been arrested.

The enquiry depending on which the provisions have been signed by the investigating magistrate Guido Salvini was started in 2004 by public prosecutor Ilda Boccassini. As usually, the charge is subversive association finalized to terrorism.

A few days before the demonstration against the enlargement of US base at Vicenza the umpteenth hunt of “terrorism” and “new terrorism” starts. The Centre – Left government Minister of Interior Amato applauds “ the security forces’ brilliant operation”. So does Pisanu, ex - Minister of Berlusconi’s government, former promoter of tens of inquiries like this one, supporter of Abu Omar’s kidnapping and deportation and of other similar brilliant operations.

This operation is the umpteenth act of persecution against who represents a reference point for the popular masses, against who struggle to overcome this bourgeois system of exploitation, misery and war.

The Italian imperialist bourgeoisie is in US bourgeoisie’s pay. She put at her service her territory and resources and uses them directly in order to slaughter oppressed people all around the world. She drown and let drown thousands of migrants escaping from their countries unsettled and destroyed by the exploitation and war provoked and fomented by herself. She drives to misery and poverty millions of families. She uses truncheons, trails and jails against the workers struggling for a dignified salary and life. She spends millions of euros every year for spying, tailing, inquiring, sequestrating, putting up inquiries and trials against Communists, anti – Fascists, anti – imperialists and Anarchists.

All this is due to the fact that this rotten capitalist system doesn’t stand anymore. It’s obsolete and destructive. Unavoidably, a popular masses’ resistance will develop against the preservation of this system. Unavoidably, from this resistance more and more people will rise not only resisting, but organizing themselves and struggling to overcome the capitalist system and to establish new socialist countries advancing towards Communism!

The imperialist bourgeoisie with her watchdogs will be more and more rabid against parties, organizations and comrades struggling and not withdrawing in front of her threats, but she will not be able to stop the rebirth of the Communist movement advancing all over the world, advancing also thanks to repression and oppression of the popular masses. She will not be able to stop the birth and strengthening of new Communist parties.

This latest repressive operation started just on the eve of the important demonstration of Vicenza against US base, on 17th February. It’s a warning to all the people who want to demonstrate against Italian government’s subjection to US imperialists. Let’s not be frightened! Let’s participate and promote the participation in this important demonstration!


Solidarity to the comrades attacked by repression!

Freedom for the arrested comrades!

Long live the struggle for making Italy a new Socialist country, the only way to overcome the capitalist system!