Milan against fascists

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CARC national direction statement of 17th June 2006

On late 11th March in Milan, some hundreds of antifascists demonstrate against the neo-fascist parade of that day, permitted by city Authorities and protected by the police. The centre-left political forces, which could very easily have the city mobilized against the fascists and so prevent their parade, just "show their disdain" about any fascist expression. We must remember that the same Italian Constitution forbids any demonstration exalting Fascism. Despite of it, the antifascists determined to oppose themselves to the fascist parade were alone. The police attacked. There were clashes and 43 people were arrested. 25 of them are still in jail. Other two comrades were arrested later, and one of them was Valter Ferrarato, member of the National Direction of CARC. These two comrades were liberated, thanks to an intense mobilization that has gone on, in support of the 25 people still in jail. A climax of this mobilization was the national demonstration held on 17th June. About that demonstration, the National Direction of our party delivered the following statement.


Adhesion to the anti-fascist demonstration of 17th June (Statement of CARC National Direction)

The Party of the CARC adheres to the national demonstration of 17th June called by antifascist Milanese movement for the liberation of the antifascists imprisoned after the events of 11th March in Milan.

The solidarity towards the imprisoned antifascists is dutiful. Solidarity means to struggle for their liberation, to prevent the isolation of the antifascists arrested, to line up in the antifascist front without any doubt. Most of all, solidarity means to stand against any rehabilitation of Fascism and any persecution of the Communists and antifascists. Today, having doubts under the pretext of violence, under the pretext to agree or not upon the way the demonstration was carried out, under the pretext of its shortcomings, means to support more or less directly those forces that, with all their ifs and buts,  allow the rehabilitation of fascism by bourgeois parties.  Wondering if  the antifascists have the legitimacy to stop a demonstration exalting Fascism means to justify the fascists' presence in our squares.

On the contrary, we need to contrast and make fail the operations of Prodi's circus and Berlusconi's gang who continue to spatter with mud the militant antifascism and to rehabilitate Fascism. It is beyond any doubt that fascists must have space nowhere, and particularly not in Italy. Fascism has been won on 25th April 1945 by the sacrifices and strength of popular masses, workers, partisans and Communists,by the heroic struggle of the Resistance. It has been won and we shall not allow it coming back.

We need to mobilize workers, women, and young people. Today, as yesterday, their mobilization is the best mean for blocking the way to Fascism rehabilitation and to make fail the right and left wing bourgeoisie's  vile operation of Fascism rehabilitation. The masses' mobilization will give difficulties to the two bourgeois poles' politics.

We need to promote the development of a united anti-fascist front.

We need to promote the comrades' participation and most of all a really popular participation in the national demonstration calling for the immediate release of the antifascists. We need to propagandize the true values of freedom and justice that give life to antifascist movement.


In Italy the rich people exploit workers, speculate, steal billions and are free, while the proletarians that do all they can for living are in jail. In Italy, since the first post-war period, the fascists were liberated and the partisan were imprisoned. Today the fascists start again to rove arrogantly and the antifascists are in jail. The repression of antifascists is only one of the political forms of the war running between bourgeoisie and popular masses.

This is what needs to be answered with the demonstration of 17th June in Milan.






The demonstration was successful. 10000 people share in it. The march going on in the city ways towards the jail of Milan was opened by the parents of the young antifascists imprisoned, supporting the banner where there was written: "Freedom for our sons." Near them there were representatives of institutions and of some centre left parties, obliged to intervene and to face their responsibilities by persistent calls and statements. There were the leaders of the Party of Communist Refoundation (PRC) of Lombardy, Dario Fo (Nobel Prize winner for literature), Daniele Farina, vice-president of Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Francesco Caruso (PRC) and don Gallo, a famous no-global priest. Besides the PRC, there were Communist Project (a Trotskyist part), all the occupied social centres of Milan and of other Italian cities, anarchist groups and some Marxist  Leninist organizations.

Our Party contributed to the success of the demonstration opposing against the opportunism of all those force that pretended the condemnation of "violence", as they call the resistance opposed by the antifascists to the police's attack, and against the "leftist" sectarianism that refused the participation of representatives of centre-left parties and of the institutions. Our Party shared the march with a banner where there was written: "Let us defend the Resistance's values", spreading leaflets, launching slogans against Fascism, exalting the Resistance, in solidarity with the antifascists imprisoned and with all the revolutionary prisoners. Despite the bourgeois media's propaganda, attempting to terrorize the population fearing new clashes, the demonstration was peaceful.

The success of this demonstration is a step on in comparison with the conditions before and after the 11th March clashes. We underline the effectiveness of the work carried out by the CARC among the popular masses. The mobilization of young antifascist's parents, promoted and supported by CARC comrades was decisive for breaking the wall of silence that, also owing to the opportunism and sectarianism of Milanese politaical movement, was preventing that the issue of the imprisoned comrades' defence was shared by the popular masses. That is why we shall go on on this way, for the liberation of the imprisoned comrades, now and forever against Fascism and for the Resistance.