Call against Communists’ persecution

on .

We ask all the Communists, the sincere democrats and the workers to take side with the freedom of expression and organization of the popular masses and to denounce every abuse and attack to this freedom that the so called democratic states are carrying out.

We call for mobilization all those who contrast their regime of misery, exploitation, war and death.

We call parties, organizations, comrades and democrats to sign this call, to promote with us, and to participate in this rally for struggling against the persecution of Communists, against the dismantling of the political rights conquered with the Resistance, against repression


on 13th May 2008 at 9 a.m.

in Bologna, at Trento e Trieste Square

to say No to Communists' persecution!

to stop the inquisitor Giovagnoli!

to end the eighth judiciary proceeding against the caravan of the (new) Italian Communist Party!


The persecution of the bourgeoisie against Communists, antifascists, anticapitalists, vanguard workers, is going to be wider and harder. Since 1999 the comrades of the (n)PCI, of CARC and of ASP suffered  many inquires, house searches, tailings,  controlled, tapped. Nowadays, since 2003, the judge Giovagnoli of the Attorney of Bologna carries out the eight inquiry against us with the charge of subversive association and "terrorism" (art. 270 bis of the Penal Code). He asks for trying many Communist militants. The preliminary hearing has been fixed on the next 13th May while in the meantime Giovagnoli  started a new inquiry , the ninth one, presently withheld, so as to keep on controlling us and to maintain another possibility (i. e. precautionary arrests) in the case the eighth proceedings will go wrong.

This persecution is part of a general climate of witch-hunt ongoing for years, with hundreds of house searches and tens of arrests. Among the others cases, we remind the comrades of Rebel South (acquitted in the process of Cosenza thanks to the popular mobilization), the Sardinian comrades of A Manca Pro S' Indipendentzia, those of the Anti-imperialist Camp, those of Communist Initiative, the antifascists arrested in Milan while they marched against the neo-Nazis, the 12 comrades arrested on February 2007 accused to belong to the Political-Military Communist Party, the anarchists. We remind the searches in the houses of comrades of the Slai Cobas-for a Class Union, in the houses of those who struggle against the NATO Base of Vicenza, the dismissals of the vanguards of the struggle (Fiat of Melfi and of Pomigliano). The continuous control and the booking of the communist militants, and generally of all those who in some way are involved in politics or in the trade-unionism and in social struggle, have become the norm. The people booked, tapped, tailed are millions. It is the same or even worse condition as when we were under Fascism!

The bourgeoisie tries hard to prevent Communists and popular masses' political activity. They call us terrorists and want to stop our political activity. They want to prevent us from using the freedom of action we conquered by the Partisans who gave their blood and life in the War of the Resistance. Giovagnoli wants to stop Communists' work. The trial against militants and sympathizers of (n)PCI and against leaders and militants of CARC Party and ASP would open the way to a wider repression.

Let us say NO to Communists' persecution, NO to Communists' denigration, NO to the attempt to criminalize the existence of the Communist Party and of the organizations that refer to Communism.

The Communists, the true democrats, the workers take sides for Communists and popular masses’ freedom of expression and organization and denounce the abuses that the so called democratic states perpetuate against the masses, against all the people who contrast this regime that feeds an extermination war against the masses, sometimes open sometimes disguised, and that generates only misery, war, exploitation and death.



CARC Party (Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism)

ASP (Association for Proletarian Solidarity )

SLL (Struggling Workers' Union)


Adherents: Adriana Chiaia - Italy, Antifascist Network of Perugia – Italy, CEBRASPO - Brasilian Center of Solidarity to the Peoples, CLEA (Committee fo Freedom of Expression and Association) - Belgium, International Committee against Disappearances (ICAD), Iqbal Masih Collective of Lecce – Italy, KKE-ml (Communist Party of Greece-Marxist Leninist), Communist Platform - Italy, Communist Proletarians - Italy, KOE (Communist Organization of Greece), Lampada, Migrantes’ Association – Milano, Italy, MLCP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party) of Turkey North Kurdistan, MLPD (Marxist Leninist Party of Germany), NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines), Union of African Workers - Senegal, The United Peoples - USA, RED Party – Norway, We Want Freedom Campaign.