Great demonstration for Palestine in Rome

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Saturday 17th January in Rome it has been held a demonstration in support of Palestinian people who resists against the aggression by the Zionist army at Gaza. At least 200.000 people joined it. It has been a very important demonstration for the aim it had, that is to express the support by Italian people's masses to the heroic resistance of Palestinian people against Zionist and imperialist barbarity. Besides, it has been very important and new because of the meaning it has for our country, for its communist, revolutionary, anti-imperialist forces and for its people’s masses. Importance and newness are mainly due to two reasons.

One reason is the fact that never in the history of our country so many immigrants join a demonstration. They demonstrate on the side of forces that express solidarity to whom resists against imperialism clearly and without compromises. They are on the side of forces who support people resisting recognizing their right to armed struggle and independently from their political, ideological or religious beliefs.


Another reason is that this demonstration confirms a fact: the communist, revolutionary, anti-imperialist and progressive forces of our country do not need of the organizational machinery and of the economical resources of the bourgeois left. They are able to mobilize by themselves hundreds of thousands of people. On the other side the bourgeois left (that includes the political, trade unionist and cultural forces that inherited the material and organizational patrimony of the old Italian Communist Party) gets ridiculous results every time it tries to carry out demonstrations alternative and opposed to those of the sound forces of our country, despite all the money and the resources it has.

So it was for the first time on 9th June 2007, with the demonstration against Bush's visit in Italy. The demonstration indicted by the grassroots and not institutional forces gathered hundreds of thousands of people, that of the bourgeois left only few hundreds. On 17th January of this year it happened the same. While in Rome at least 200.000 people were filling the city, elements of the Italian political class, of the Democratic Party, of the trade unionist, cultural and recreational mass organization tied to it, together with elements of the catholic area and leftovers of the last revisionist parties, were demonstrating in the town of Assisi gathering a number of people from 500 to 5000.

The more “leftist” bourgeois media lied, describing the two demonstrations as equally important. The other media said nothing, censoring the facts as they used to do during Fascism.

Our Party may find a confirmation that the proposal of the (new) Italian Communist Party, to go towards the formation of a government of People’s Block, is sound, that is to say, it is possible and necessary.

The popular masses are able to mobilize themselves autonomously by hundreds of thousands as they did against Bush on 9th June 2007, for workers’ rights and interests as they did in the autumn of 2008, and for the Palestinian resistance on 17 June 2009. So they can mobilize themselves led by the sound forces of our country to face the devastating economical crisis that leftist and rightist political forces of the regime are not able and do not want to face. The incapacity and the bad faith of the political forces of the regime, of their mass organizations, of the media completely subjugate to them, is more and more clear.

The success of the demonstration for Palestine exceeded expectations, as we anticipated in our statement of adhesion. Also the ability to react to the “anti – crisis” measures the bourgeoisie is preparing for Italian people’s masses exceeds our expectations. The forces who today lead the resistance of people’s masses in many sides of Italy, in Susa Valley, at Vicenza, at Pianura and in the other parts of Campania, who today lead to Rome hundred of thousands of people are forces able to unite themselves and rule the country, with a People’s Block government. To rule the country is something that exceeds our expectations as it was to gather hundreds of thousands of people and lead them to Rome against imperialists, against Zionists, against the attack to the workers.

The political class who rule the country, the media and the intellectual at its service are in an advanced state of decomposition. They are good for nothing. We are coming into exceptional times. We can face them in an exceptional way, with new resources, and with trust. We must and can face them giving up the disposition of gaunt minority, of eternal opposition and denounce, becoming ruling force, able to defend masses’ interests and lead them to a better future, of richness, peace, dignity and freedom. This is a duty, both to the popular masses who yesterday faced fascist and Nazi slaughters in our country and to those today resist against the Zionist and their scurvy and infamous war of terror.

Palestinian people’s masses can never be defeated. Let’s advance toward victory, together with them, with people’s masses of our country, with the peoples struggling all over the world.