Solidarity with Greek people’s masses struggling against Karamanlis’ killing government

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The Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) expresses full solidarity to the students, the workers and all the people’s masses who struggles in the squares against Karamanlis’ government. It is a government of reactionaries, thieves, corrupted people and torturers that today shows itself as a government of killers as well.

The CARC Party expresses its full support to the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), to the Communist Party of Greece/Marxist-Leninist, to all the parties and the organizations that today are a reference point for the rebellion of people’s masses against the regime. It commits itself to release as more as possible the information you give us, against the false propaganda of the media of the regime and of the revisionists, and to call for the solidarity of Italian people’s masses towards the struggle ongoing in Greece. We ask the comrades of KOE and KKE/ml to bring our message of solidarity to Greek people’s masses.


The Greek people’s masses rebel against a regime that is leading the country to ruin, trying to defend imperialist bourgeoisie’s interests as a devastating crisis is running over the entire world. The rebellion of Greek people’s masses is the same of the Italian ones, and the enemy is the same as well.

As capitalism crisis is coming to its head, the Communists need to tell not only what they are struggling against, but also what they are struggling for. This means to lead and promote the struggles against reactionary governments for building what we, in Italy, call People’s Block governments, founded on workers, students and people’s organizations that adopt emergency measures to face the crisis: assigning to every firm productive tasks useful and apt to their needs according to a plan, distributing the products to families, individuals, firms and collective uses according to plans and criteria, assigning to every individual a socially useful work and assuring him in exchange the necessary conditions for a dignified life and the participation in managing society, establishing relations of cooperation and exchange with all the countries that are disposed to establish them with us.

Let’s organize ourselves for overthrowing these regimes that are leading our countries to ruin, misery and war, let’s support people’s masses who are already organizing themselves, let’s unite the various forms by which the masses organize themselves for a future government that will do people’s interests, for starting towards the way out of the crisis, towards another possible and necessary society, towards a socialist society!

Down with Karamanlis’ killing government!

Long live the struggle of Greek people’s masses!

Long live the struggle of Communist, of revolutionaries, and of all the forces who opposes the bourgeois regimes and pose the foundation of the new world!