Our solidal and revolutionary greetings to National Assembly of ADDHIP (Asociation to defend the rights of people sons), Colombia.

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Dear comrades of ADDHIP,

thank you for the invitation to participate in your National Assembly. We wish to send you our solidarity and our revolutionary greetings and best wishes for the success of the assembly and for the continuation of your struggle.

The program of poverty and war, devastation and looting perpetrated by the imperialist bourgeoisie against the proletariat and peoples around the world is faced with resistance growing every day and is expressed in various ways. The proletariat and the oppressed peoples have never stopped fighting for a future and a society without exploitation or oppression.

We are living through a time when a growing struggle of oppressed peoples against occupation and threats of imperialism, from Latin America to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Palestine, from Turkey to India, from Peru to the Philippines. Important progress and achievements have been made by the popular masses led by the Nepali Communist Party (maoist), where a hard blow was the attack against the secular monarchy which forced the people to poverty and brutalization.

Your work is part of the resistance of the peoples of the world. We consider your work precious for the defence and the conquest of children's rights in Colombia, for which the fascist and filoimperialist government of Uribe doesn’t even attend to the most basic needs as food, clothing, education and health. We consider your work precious like a communitaries mothers and like a workers involved in resistance against those who deny our rights and those of our children.

It is only through struggle that the popular masses, women or men, can defend and conquer what they are entitled and which belongs to them because it is the fruit of their sweat and their work. It is only through struggle and the construction of a socialist society that the popular masses, particularly women, can emancipate themselves and there will be no socialist society without emancipation of women!

We support the struggle of the proletariat and Colombian masses workers for a socialist and free Colombia without exploitation and oppression. Your fight is ours.

Long live the proletarian internationalism!

Long live the emancipation of women in popular masses!

Long live the struggle of the proletariat for socialism!

The comrades of the Party of CARC